A People’s Guide to Publishing Podcast Interview


“Well, I’m an only child and I was unathletic, so I think that’s probably what sent me on the way to the glamorous career I’m in now…”

In which several keys to my psyche are revealed at M Noodle Shop, right across the street from¬†Quimby’s Bookstore NYC. Thanks to Microcosm Publishing‘s Joe Biel,¬†Elly Blue, and everyone’s favorite service animal, Ruby, for inviting me to be a guest on A People’s Guide to Publishing podcast.

(Also, thanks to Joe for going with my suggestion that we should each kick one leg back while posing for this photo. Someone on Twitter asks when our sitcom is going to air. Wouldn’t THAT be something to see. Til then…

Give THIS a listen. If you can’t stand my Hoosier accent, there are plenty of other great episodes to put in your earballs. Subscribe!

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