Ayun plays Mrs. Claus in The Truth About Santa, December 5-20 NYC

Theater of the Apes and The Tank present


An apocalyptic holiday tale by Greg Kotis Directed by Ilana Becker

Tickets on sale now!

A Christmas show for people who hate Christmas shows

Kiet Tai Cao, Ayun Halliday, David Carl & Milo Kotis as Jim Jim, Mrs. Claus, Santa, & Jo Jo in THE TRUTH ABOUT SANTA by Greg Kotis, directed by Ilana Becker

Ho ho ho, children!

Many people think they know the truth about Santa, but they are wrong. Santa has some shocking unadvertised powers, a couple of half-mortal offspring his wife hasn’t found out about yet, and a lot on his mind. He’s tired of those damn singing elves. He’s tired of the lies. This is the Christmas Santa will reveal his true self. Prepare for the Ragnarök, urm, SANTA CLAUS’ RETURN TO OFF-OFF-BROADWAY.

(Get a babysitter. We don’t wanna traumatize any little believers… speaking of which, see Milo Kotis, almost all grown up and live in person as Jo Jo, the doomed elf. Watch him engage in spectral combat with his real life mother, Ayun Halliday, as Mrs. Claus)

Get those tickets!  December 5-20, NEW YORK CITY

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