A recent, long overdue rummage in our allotted storage space in our mercifully non-flooded basement led to a discovery of some extremely rare back issues of the East Village Inky, as well as some t-shirts and onesies that date to a time when Inky herself could fit in the 4T t-shirt she’s posing with at bottom right.

The elastic’s fresh, they’re free of mildew and earwigs, so I figured what the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks, I’ll slap em up on Etsy and be done with it!

Which was a great idea, except shirt wise, it left some interested parties outside the US facing some extremely daunting shipping fees, just one of the things I was bitching about in our most recent, mail-themed issue.

A few gentle nudges from some ladies flying the Canadian flag led to the discovery that the company that printed these shirts way back in 2003 is still in business, and has affiliates that will print on demand outside the US, and ship far more affordably.

If you are in Canada, order here.

If you are in the UK, order here.

If you are in Australia, lucky YOU! Order here.

If you are in the US, ordering from me on Etsy is a good way to go, though in the name of full disclosure, there are more styles and sizes to be had on this printing company’s US site…I don’t rake in as much lettuce, but hey, if you are willing to rep my zine with the image of our first-ever sticker on a pair of thong panties, far be it from me to quibble over pennies.

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