Always Lots of Heinies at the Zoo

Ms. Elephant’s got junk…

“Her couplets evince both an ease with current slang as well as more refined aesthetic… the text just itches to be read aloud—a mock hauteur is highly recommended.”
— Publishers Weekly

In her supplemental trunk…

” Use for vocabulary-stretching pleasure.”
—Blair Christolon, School Library Journal

Which is many times the size of kinkajou.

” The jaunty tale reminds readers that although an animal’s behind does not have to be hidden at the zoo, humans must keep theirs covered. This isn’t always easy,,.”
— Kirkus Reviews



Behold Illustrator Dan Santat‘s epic video trailer for our little zoo baby:




If that one proved a bit too relaxing for you, perhaps the spectacle of me rapping and no doubt throwing some inadvertent gang symbols in the New York Public Library is more your speed. Co-starring actual children’s librarian Elizabeth Bird, an uncredited webmaster Jeff Sisson and of course, my fellow author, Erica Perl, the criminal responsible for this monstrosity.



Here’s a wee sample of Dan’s illustrations … click on an image to see how they’ll look floating in the Macy’s Day Parade.



bunny heinie armadillo heinie
flamingos penguins


If only you could swing by the snack bar for some of the magnificent heinie-centric refreshments that greeted me & Erica when our No Butts About Reading tour hit Charlottesville. Thanks to Children’s Literature & Reading Specialist Joan Kindig, and her confectionarily gifted students, Hannah Mathews and Karissa Randall for providing such food for thought and thoughtful food.