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Job Hopper: The Checkered Career of a Down-Market Dilettante

Hilarious and painful … Takes me back to my days of working a series of flunky jobs, before I settled on one to keep for thirty five years. – Harvey Pekar, author of American Splendor

“Selling hippie clothing seemed like a great way to meet people. And it probably would have been if I’d been selling it out of a van in the parking lot of a Grateful Dead show…

The bad-job memoir…has brought out the bitter best in writers ever since George Orwell’s “Down and Out in Paris and London” … Two brilliant examples are “A Working Stiff’s Manifesto,” by Iain Levison, and “Job Hopper,” by Ayun Halliday. – William Grimes, The New York Times (ooh, that rhymes!)

“The food at Turman’s was great, but the service was kind of crappy. For example, I once responded to a concerned regular’s inquiry about my recent absence with a blow-by-blow description of my bladder infection.

Actress and writer Halliday proves that the slacker life doesn’t end at 25. – Dylan Foley, The New York Post

“Oddly, the gruesome realities of the endlessly flawed human body never bother me when I’ve got someone on the massage table…”

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Perhaps you too can find temporary employment as a mime. Or a costumed mascot…


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JH excerpt

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Job Hopper © 2005 by Ayun Halliday