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(May we agree to do away with the term “momoir”?)

“The Big Rumpus is positively the best mothering memoir I’ve read by a straight-tawkin’, breast-feeding, xenophilic, world-traveling, Indiana-reared, New York City transplant. I stayed up past my bedtime reading it, no lie. The gal can write.” —Chris Dodge, Utne

“My childhood was rat-free. Lice-free. A ‘possum did get stuck in the fireplace once…

“Funny, surprisingly well-written chronicle of a young bohemian family living in New York City. Perfect for stay-at-home moms who believe in natural birth and granola.” — Belinda Liscombe, Time

“Sometimes when I’m jamming my children into their snowsuits or slathering them with sunscreen, I remind myself that I once trudged all the way to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro…”

“Her irreverent, sarcastic and occasionally scatological style (no accident, perhaps, that her husband, Greg Kotis co-wrote Urinetown) will remind you of a phone conversation with your best friend.” — Susan Avery, New York

“If I’d really wanted to eat a placenta, stir-fried with hot chiles, I should have married a different man…”

“Ayun ought to get Mother of the Year for this one.” — Jaime Hernandez, author of Love and Rockets

…and you ought to get my Big Rump autographed.

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ayun's #1 parenting tip

Reading this excerpt will allow you to ignore the kids for another 10 minutes.

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Holy Growth Chart, Batman! When did Inky and Milo get so huge? They’re like Giant Supersize Mutant versions of their Big Rumpus selves.

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Phooey. If it’s any consolation, you’re welcome to join me on the
MamaLamaDingDong Virtual Book Tour:

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Back in August ’06, The Big Rumpus was published in the UK as Mama Lama Ding Dong. In celebration, I visited a different blog every day that month to pour some old wine into new bottles. Here’s your chance to discover some awesome parenting blogs, and maybe stir the embers of some of the spectacular brawls that went down in the comments sections! Thanks to all the participants, whose entries are permalinked below.

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AUGUST 3: Mommy Matters

AUGUST 4: So Close

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AUGUST 6: Mommy Chronicles

AUGUST 7: Julia (Here Be Hippogriffs)

AUGUST 8: Belgian Waffle

AUGUST 9: This Woman’s Work

AUGUST 10: Motherhood Uncensored

AUGUST 11: Mothershock

AUGUST 12: Baby and Mom Blog

AUGUST 13: Playground Revolution

AUGUST 14: Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda

AUGUST 15 Pewari’s Prattle

AUGUST 16: Sweetney

AUGUST 17: Blog from a Baby

AUGUST 18: Emma Kennedy

AUGUST 19: Mommy Needs Coffee

AUGUST 20: A Little Pregnant

AUGUST 21: Limberlime

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AUGUST 24: On the Garden Wall … confessions of a bad housewife

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AUGUST 28: Busytown

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AUGUST 30: Mommy Has a Headache

AUGUST 31: My Boyfriend Is a Twat


The Big Rumpus, © 2002, Ayun Halliday