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Who cares which holiday is coming up? A book by Ayun Halliday is never less than the ideal present. As is a subscription to the East Village Inky.

I’ve also set up an affiliate link on Bookshop – by no means failproof b/c it only works if the biggest gorilla distributes the title, and a participating indie bookstore has it in stock, but hey, worth a look! If I wrote it, or contributed to it, or one of the contributors to my latest book, Creative, Not Famous: The Small Potato Manifesto wrote it, or contributed to it, and it meets all the other parameters, buy it there, and everybody wins!

And you never know what the hell might wash ashore in our Etsy store, everything from magnifiers to letterpress love poems. All proceeds are channeled directly to the feral young’s college funds. (Or maybe fancier tails for next year’s Mermaid Parade.)

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The cover of Creative Not Famous: The Small Potato Manifesto by Ayun Halliday shows two artistic, anthropomorphic potatoes, one with a guitar, the other with an easel, flanking a crest that bears the book's title


Zinester's Guide to NYC cover

Always Lots of Heinies at the Zoo cover

Dirty Sugar Cookies cover

Job Hopper cover

No Touch Monkey cover

The Big Rumpus cover

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Don’t believe in credit cards? Can’t get a credit card? That’s okay, we can’t get one either. We accept checks and cash too — just ask.

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The following anthologies include contributions by yours truly…

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greg k playwright

Greg Kotis with East Village Inky

Nothing like being part of a 2-Writer Household to pad out your pocketbook. Buy the book, buy the cd, download the MP3, and sing it yourself!

Urinetown book cover

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Had enough Urinetown? We know the feeling. Mix it up a bit with:

Pig Farm poster

eat the taste

Truth About Santa by Tony Millionaire

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Neofuturists circa 1992

Possibly still would be if it weren’t for these durn kids. Here’s a bunch of our short plays from Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind

         Neo Solo book cover

200 More Neofuturist Plays cover

Too Much Light cdNeoFuturist Plays by Ayun Halliday

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