Wow! Cool! Wow Cool is now selling the East Village Inky!

Welcome and thanks to the latest vendor to risk adding the zine to their shelves: WOW COOL, a serious source of indie comics, musics, videos and zines in the virtual universe (by way of California…)

We’d be much obliged if you’d throw some business their way!

Libraries I Have Known (& Mostly Loved)

Cover of Libraries I Have Known (& mostly loved) zine, showing NY Public Library's sentinel lion, Patience, thinking "Zines..."
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Back in stock for the first time in nearly a decade!

Created in a single afternoon as part of the New York Public Library’s centennial celebration. Definitely as messy as an early East Village Inky!

Show a librarian, a library, a Little Free Library, or a library lover some LIBRARY LOVIN’! If nothing else, they’ll know you cared enough to spend a buck. (Double your fun and get one for yourself, while you’re at it!)

What happens in Romania stays in Romania…?

Zoomed out? Twitch IN to tonight’s Neo-Futurist reunion episode of the Neo Show, when David Kodeski, Greg Kotis, Scott Hermes, Noelle Krimm, Diana Slickman and I rehash the Neo-Futurists 1995 2-city world to Aspen and Sibiu, Romania, among other topics.

What happened in Romania stays in Romania? Who knows… the tuică flowed rather freely… Fun gets started TONIGHT, May 4 at 9pm EST.

Join us at the link below and smash that comment section!

Last minute Valentine!

Dare to Be Heinie. Give em some East Village Inky

An East Village Inky subscription is not 1, not 2, but 4 Valentines…and they all arrive in the mail. Holler to us with the recipient’s email and Ex-Circulation Manager Jambo will send a digital valentine letting your sweetheart / palentine / celebrity crush (WHOMEVER!!!) know what they’re in for, with your compliments. GET YOU SOME!

L’Ourse Premier Spécial de Nöel

Streaming Live HERE as part of The Tank NYC’s CyberTank telethon

Je vous présente L’Ourse (The Bear)

L’Ourse, a short film by Greg Kotis © 2020, Theater of the Apes

Take 3 minutes to share the journey of a melancholy bear who travels to New York City in search of food and meaning.

A pandemic collaboration between French New Wave réalisateur  Greg Kotis, the Chief Primatologist of the East Village Inky, the unsuspecting people of NYC and & a bearsuit discovered in an East Harlem thrift store…

Meet this Zinester!

What a treat to be included in Weirdo Brigade’s excellent long running interview series, Meet this Zinester. Thanks to Solanche for making me feel like a big fromage.

So much time! So many zinesters! So many great ideas! Get hooked on this inspirational, mind bending series. I surely did.

Check it out HERE.

Andrew Cuomo’s Nipple Rings: An Oral History

It’s my pleasure to have contributed a 10-page comic, Andrew Cuomo’s Nipple Rings: An Oral History to the inaugural issue of The Flashpaper: The Theatre’s Thoughts on Right Now.

12 contributors tackled the prospect of theater in the post-social distancing age, using a variety of formats: short plays, essays, manifestos, photo series, and a comic that is less about the possibly pierced nipples of Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York than it is about the near dystopian challenge we face as theater artists.

Here’s a taste of my efforts:

From Andrew Cuomo’s Nipple Rings: An Oral History, © Ayun Halliday, 2020
Published in The Flashpaper, Issue Number One

It’s a print-only publication! So if you want it, you gotta throw some dough at The Flashpaper then park your ayuss by the mailbox, eagerly awaiting delivery while patting yourself on the back for supporting the future of theater, the people who make it, and the Indie Theater Fund, a small but mighty non-profit organization that swooped in and helped so many of us just hours after a raging pandemic forced every theater in NYC to close.

The debut issues features work by ​Raquel Almazan​, ​Clare Barron​, ​Sarah Einspanier​, ​Kelley Nicole Girod​, ​Ayun Halliday​, ​Kinesis Project dance theatre​, ​The Living Theatre, ​Tara Moses​, ​National Asian American Theatre Company​, ​Parallel Exit​, ​Meropi Peponides​, and ​Theater Breaking Through Barriers​, along with a foreword by ​David Henry Hwang​ and an afterword bySarah Treem​.

To learn more about The Flashpaper and purchase the debut issue, click here.

Hey, New York! Wear a Mask!

© AyunHalliday

An original 30 second animation by Ayun Halliday ©2020
Download free posters and coloring pages here.


Music: Royal Banana (available in the public domain)

#WearAMask Poster Project

I got so sick of seething inside at all the unmasked runners and laxly-masked-if-at-all individuals seen wandering my little corner of NYC that I made a series of FREE-to-download posters encouraging every citizen to wear a mask and wear it properly. Also available in black and white, for your home-coloring pleasure. They’re meant to be displayed in close proximity to each other as duos or larger sets – a perfect example next to an imperfect example. Compare and contrast.

Share em! Hang em up in spots where the unmasked and improperly masked might get the message…

Totally unnecessary, but if you do print and post, I’d love to see snapshots

Here’s a link to the folder that has em all.