Previously on Game of Thrones…

Game of Thrones dead characters

Now their watch has ended…

LOOK! Book & Film Globe published my comic about Game of Thrones in the days leading up to Season 8’s premiere! Got to name check 30something, Hill Street Blues, Upstairs Downstairs and Sesame Street. Also draw Jon & Daenerys (whose name I fckn misspelled) nekkid!


The Queen of the Apes announces the title of the next aged book Theater of the Apes shall resurrect as NECROMANCERS OF THE PUBLIC DOMAIN, a 1-night-only New York City variety show:

CHILDHOOD by Alice Meynell (1913)

Extend your Mother’s Day celebration by celebrating the work of a long dead female author and mother of 7! Advance tickets on sale now.

Childhood by Alice Meynell

Winter is almost here! My Game of Thrones comic for Book & Film Globe

Yeah, I’m pretty proud of myself for finding an excuse to include Upstairs Downstairs, 30something, and Sesame St…

Read the full comic here!

Ayun’s Interview with New York Theater Review

New York Theater Review peeked ‘neath my petticoats to find the nitty gritty on my monthly variety show Necromancers of the Public Domain. Read it here!

Ayun plays Mrs. Claus in The Truth About Santa, December 5-20 NYC

Theater of the Apes and The Tank present


An apocalyptic holiday tale by Greg Kotis Directed by Ilana Becker

Tickets on sale now!

A Christmas show for people who hate Christmas shows

Kiet Tai Cao, Ayun Halliday, David Carl & Milo Kotis as Jim Jim, Mrs. Claus, Santa, & Jo Jo in THE TRUTH ABOUT SANTA by Greg Kotis, directed by Ilana Becker

Ho ho ho, children!

Many people think they know the truth about Santa, but they are wrong. Santa has some shocking unadvertised powers, a couple of half-mortal offspring his wife hasn’t found out about yet, and a lot on his mind. He’s tired of those damn singing elves. He’s tired of the lies. This is the Christmas Santa will reveal his true self. Prepare for the Ragnarök, urm, SANTA CLAUS’ RETURN TO OFF-OFF-BROADWAY.

(Get a babysitter. We don’t wanna traumatize any little believers… speaking of which, see Milo Kotis, almost all grown up and live in person as Jo Jo, the doomed elf. Watch him engage in spectral combat with his real life mother, Ayun Halliday, as Mrs. Claus)

Get those tickets!  December 5-20, NEW YORK CITY

Join me and Silverback Greg Kotis for a Free Holiday Party at the Drama Bookshop

Hey friends! The Drama Bookshop is falling victim to rising NYC rents, and while we’re rooting for them to rise again in another location, let’s take the opportunity to hobnob with other Off-Off-Broadway glitterati at a FREE HOLIDAY PARTY to kick off Theater of the Apes’ 10th anniversary co-production of The Truth About Santa, an apocalyptic holiday tale by Silverback Greg Kotis.

11/28/2018 – from 5pm-7pm

We have all sorts of jolly activities planned, like a COOKIE SWAP, free photo ops on Santa’s knee, and signings of Urinetown, Pig Farm, Eat the Taste, and of course, The Truth About Santa!


More info here!

RSVP on Facebook 

Don’t forget to get a babysitter and join us for THE TRUTH ABOUT SANTA, December 5-20 at The Tank NYC


A People’s Guide to Publishing Podcast Interview


“Well, I’m an only child and I was unathletic, so I think that’s probably what sent me on the way to the glamorous career I’m in now…”

In which several keys to my psyche are revealed at M Noodle Shop, right across the street from Quimby’s Bookstore NYC. Thanks to Microcosm Publishing‘s Joe Biel, Elly Blue, and everyone’s favorite service animal, Ruby, for inviting me to be a guest on A People’s Guide to Publishing podcast.

(Also, thanks to Joe for going with my suggestion that we should each kick one leg back while posing for this photo. Someone on Twitter asks when our sitcom is going to air. Wouldn’t THAT be something to see. Til then…

Give THIS a listen. If you can’t stand my Hoosier accent, there are plenty of other great episodes to put in your earballs. Subscribe!

I’ve got a short play in the one-night-only special edition of RULE OF created for The Tank’s 2018 LadyFest August 23 at 8pm!  Virgin sacrifices! Democratic voting! Gruel! And that’s just my play!

My contribution is directed by Clara Elser, and features Mary Albert, India Kotis, and Chris Lindsay-Abaire.

7 (lady) writers | 7 rules | 7 new plays

One free drink with your ticket!

Featuring 6 other world premieres by:

EllaRose Chary
Rosalind Grush
Maia Henkin
Ariel Lauryn
Ying Ying Li
Ashley Lauren Rogers

The Rules

Ashley’s Rule: A well known phrase must be horribly butchered

Ariel’s Rule: Tom Selleck’s Mustache

Ayun’s Rule: A live performance of a song known-in-advance to only one of the performers.

Ella’s Rule: Problematic Fave

Maia’s Rule: “I take full responsibility for this”

Rosalind’s Rule: A lady triumphs! LADY TRIUMPH! YES!

Ying’s Rule: A ghost crosses the stage



$12 plus one free drink!

at The Tank, 312 West 36th Street / First Floor / New York, NY 10018

New solo show in NYC: NURSE! June 12, 13 & 14

Coming soon

Long talked about…
Up ’til now unwritten…


A solo show by Ayun Halliday

Inspired in part by the life of Kate Claxton, ingenue turned entrepreneur-of-a-certain-age, who spent decades recounting the events of the Brooklyn Theater Fire to sold out crowds…

One Woman Show Romeo and Juliet

Advance tickets on sale soon…

More information compliments of  Theater of the Apes 

NURSE is presented by The TankHome for Emerging Artists NYC

Necromancers of the Public Domain – MAY 16, NYC

variety show New York City May

Join us at The Tank for the next Necromancers of the Public Domain, wherein a long forgotten book is plucked from the shelves of the New York Society Library and transformed into a low budget variety show!

This month: The Spinner Family by Alice Jean Patterson (1904)

Advance Tickets on sale now.

All of Nature’s children are interesting, whether rock or stream, herb or tree, bird or insect or other animal, and the spiders are by no means the least interesting among them all. Nowhere will the student and lover of nature find a more profitable study or a keener joy than in delving into the secrets of the spinners, or watching them solve the problems which they meet in their struggle for existence. 


Bryce Edwards (Gobbydafoo)

Iossy Freud (Theater of the Apes Sub-Adult Division)

Halley “Halogyn” Gerstel (NYC Dance Educator)

Katie Fricas (The Guardian / Spiralbound)

Quintin Harris (Theater of the Apes Sub-Adult Division)

Milo Kotis (Theater of the Apes Sub-Adult Division)

Alix Marello (Jazz Singer/Songwriter)

Michael Rubin (Blues Clues / Bubble Guppies)

Dejen Tesfagiorgis (Let’s Make a Mixtape / Solid Footing)

and more to be announced…

Hosted by Ayun Halliday (No Touch Monkey! The East Village Inky)

Bring a blank shirt, pillowcase, or bag for preshow stencil fun. Grab some wine or beer and make a Necromancers souvenir!

Read The Spinner Family for free online

RSVP on Facebook.