Animal Farm All Ages Cheap Theater New York City 2017

Rip the rings out from you noses! Tear the saddles from your backs!

Theater of the Apes Sub-Adult Division presents:

Animal Farm

Based on the novel by George Orwell

Adapted by Sir Peter Hall

Music by Richard Peaslee Lyrics by Adrian Mitchell

at The Tank, 312 West 36th Street, First Floor, New York, NY 10018

4 November Performances at Non-Traditional Times When One Is Least Likely to Have a Conflict.

Tuesday, Nov 7, 7pm

Wednesday, Nov 8, 7pm

Saturday, Nov 11 5pm

Sunday, Nov 12, 3pm

Directed by Ayun Halliday (hey, that’s me!)

Musical Direction by Jeffrey Lodin


Kai Ellington

Ali Fall

Iossy Freud

Quintin Harris

Penn Lodin

Milo Kotis

Felicity McKenna

Isabelle Pflanz

Thomas Pflanz



Domestic Cage Match!

In which TDF Stages has the Silverback and me interview each other about our upcoming Theater of the Apes residency at The Brick, March 2017. Read the interview, then see the shows!

Greg Kotis Ayun Halliday theater company

Human See. Human Do.

Behold! The Website of the Apes!

Theater of the Apes has a website.

Greg Kotis Ayun Halliday theater company

Human See. Human Do.

Bookmark it. Open it. Book your tickets to NYC for March of 2017.

November is coming…

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Zinester Trading Cards by Billy da Bunny

zinesster trading card
Honored to be featured in such august zinely company, despite my absolute dearth of Runs Batted In.

Buy Zinester Trading Cards, Series Two from Billy on Etsy.

Celebrate Ayun Halliday Day 2016



Ex-Circulation Manager Jambo has asked me to tell all you nice people that the VERY BEST way you can observe Ayun Halliday Day tomorrow would be to buy a zine.

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Cat Vs. Radiator

Thanks to Narratively for publishing one of my all-time favorite stories in comic form. (Not quite so funny while ex-Circulation Manager Jambo and I were living through it)


Check out the full story here.
Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 4.28.31 PM

Fawnbook in the Brooklyn Courier

Dennis Lynch wrote a nifty, deer-pun-filled feature on Fawnbook for The Brooklyn Courier. Smashing photos by Stefano Giovannini.fawnbook cast by Stefano Giovannini

Lady Collective Interview

Lady Collective interviewed me about life in my 20s for their Schoolin’ Life feature. Read it here if you dare!

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