Last play in NYC = 1st coronavirus comic

I wasn’t anticipating that an assignment to report on an Off-Off-Broadway play by a visiting Japanese company would turn into a coronavirus era comic about the shut down of New York City, nor that it would take me over a month to produce 12 panels… (mostly just thinking and avoiding, though once I mustered the wherewithal, I spent a bit more time homeskoooling myself on a digital coloring and correcting program)

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COVID-19-era Birthday Wish

Know what I want for MY BIRTHDAY Sunday? I want you to buy a zine (or book or some paper-based oddity) from Quimby’s Bookstore, a longtime supporter of The East Village Inky & 1000s of zinemakers the world over.

This is in lieu of a Facebook fundraiser or donation solicitation- I figure everyone’s hand’s out, and everyone who can is putting their dwindling funds where they feel it’s needed, and need no further lobbying from me.
Treat yourself by following my orders (always!). Discover some weird new thing, or revisit a beloved weird old thing. Your purchase, no matter how small, will benefit a rad & venerable independent bookstore. Get a zine. Get mail (unless you want do Chicago curb service, or alternatively are picking up necessary supplies at Crest Hardware & Urban Garden Center in Brooklyn, where Quimby’s Bookstore NYC has a pop up.

Extra credit: make the birthday girl’s day by hipping her to what you chose.

Extra extra credit: Get inspired to make a zine your own damnself and send me a copy whenever it rolls off the press.

Go big with the Qustomized Quimby’s Quarantine Zine Pack – manager Liz Mason will tailor make the zinely equivalent of pinata full of surprises based on your tastes, kinks and interests.

🎂🎂🎂❤️ where the hell’s the zine emoji? What has this world come to?

The Turning vs. a far superior adaptation of The Turn of the Screw

I’m uniquely qualified to review The Turning for Book & Film Globe because my frequent co-star John St Angelo & I played Miles and Flora in the Innocents at Indianapolis Civic Theater in 1977.

John St Angelo & Ayun Halliday in The Innocents, Indianapolis Civic Theater, 1977

(Not that we can hold a candle to Brooklynn & the kid from Stranger Things…)

Read all about it!

Ayun’s Lynda Barry Comic for Book & Film Globe

Attention Lynda Barry Fans (which is everybody – doy!) Even though I have yet to take a class with my longtime hero-queen, I got to make a comic about her latest book, Making Comics, for Book & Film Globe. Read the full comic here!

Celebrate the nativity of Greg Kotis with Theater of the Apes, January 6, NYC

Happy Birthday to Greg…

Let us celebrate the ancestral homeland of this dear baby with cake, song, surprise guests, hijinx…

I’m hosting, and allegedly both kids are performing. Maybe we won’t make Greg be the stage hand this time. Come check out the Chief Primatologist’s OTHER long running project…
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East Village Inky No. 61 drops December 23!

Get you some!!!

New Comic: The Queen of the Apes at New York Comic Con

Women in Comics
Click here to read my latest comic for Book and Film Globe… in which a mild-mannered, middle-aged monkey woman is goaded into revealing her secret identity in the final panel of the New York Comic Con! #nycc

The Bushwick Book Club: Good Talk

Ye gods, the hunter has become the hunted!

Mira Jacob Good Talk









I got tapped to write a song about Mira Jacob’s new graphic memoir, Good Talk, and perform it as part of the always amazing Bushwick Book Club, Sunday, September 22  at 7pm at Barbés in Brooklyn. I’m gonna need you to buy me a drink after.

Author Mira Jacob will be in attendance and giving a reading in addition to all the original songs by 13 local songwriters, choreographers, artists and chefs in response to her candid tale of growing up in one of the few East Indian families in 70’s/80’s New Mexico and raising a child in an interracial family in the years leading up to the Trump presidency.

More intel here.

Necromancers of the Public Domain: The Art of Aubrey Beardsley

I’ll be rolling out my patented hostess schtick October 7 for the next installment of my monthly series, Necromancers of the Public Domain wherein an aged book from the New York Society Library is given new life as a 1-Night-Only NYC variety show.

This month’s title, The Art of Aubrey Beardsley is especially dear to me as the artist was a great favorite of my late father’s, who owned a similar volume he didn’t hide nearly well enough.

Mark you calendar becauseTickets are on sale NOW! Early bird discount code through October 3: SALOME

naughty art noveau

Easton Book Festival

Ayun Halliday author of No Touch Monkey

No Touch Monkey and I are excited to be traveling to Easton, Pennsylvania to participate in the inaugural Easton Book Festival October 26 and 27.

You bet I’ll have copies of East Village Inky #60 on hand to accompany the zine reading / slide show I’ll be giving on Sunday, after which I’ll be slipping on a full body monster costume to help out my friends in Big Nazo. Uh…they know I’m claustrophobic, right?

It’s all in the service of literature, folks.