Fawnbook in the Brooklyn Courier

Dennis Lynch wrote a nifty, deer-pun-filled feature on Fawnbook for The Brooklyn Courier. Smashing photos by Stefano Giovannini.fawnbook cast by Stefano Giovannini

Lady Collective Interview

Lady Collective interviewed me about life in my 20s for their Schoolin’ Life feature. Read it here if you dare!

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Pay Fawnbook’s Cast and Crew with a TAX DEDUCTIBLE Donation


Thanks to the Fiscal Sponsorship of Fractured Atlas, you can make a tax deductible donation to Fawnbook. We will use it to pay the cast and crew! Look at all the great prizes on our secure online RocketHub crowdfunding campaign. (I’d go for the $25 level a half dozen times, myself.)
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FAWNBOOK (in which I return to the wicked stage and wicked page)


Get your heiner to New York City on October 24 to see my new play, Fawnbook 

directed by Jean-Michele Gregory

with John Albert, Nick Balaban, Marjorie Duffield, Chris Lindsay-Abaire, Max Piersol  

Benny Rendell, & some old haunch of venison who goes by the name of Ayun Halliday…

Performances from October 24- November 20 at the PIT-Loft and The Brick

World Premiere of Play by Ayun Halliday

Fawnbook in The Bad Theater Festival

Sat, Oct 24 7:0opm , The PIT Loft154 W 29th St 2nd Floor 

also on the bill:  Bike Night, South & East, “Age-Old Friends”

Thurs, Oct 29 7:00pm, The PIT Loft154 W 29th St 2nd Floor 

also on the bill:  Dionysus’ Zoo Story, “GUT LEVEL”, The Slenderman

Tickets for the Bad Theater Fest performances of Fawnbook (short version) now on sale!

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And then we move to THE BRICK

India and Addy Fawngirls in Fawnbook by Ayun Halliday

Tickets now on sale for Fawnbook
 at The Brick, presented by Gemini CollisionWorks

579 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Thursday, November 5,  8:00pm PREVIEW

Saturday, November 7,  8:00pm OPENING NIGHT

Sunday, November 8,  3:00pm

Monday, November 9,  8:00pm

Wednesday, November 11,  8:00pm

Friday, November 13,  8:00pm

Saturday, November 14,  8:00pm

Sunday, November 15,  3:00pm

Thursday, November 19,  8:00pm

Friday, November 20,  8:00pm

Running in rep with Gemini CollisionWorks’ NORD HAUSEN FLY ROBOT

The Brick, 579 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 9.22.11 AM

Tickets now on sale.

hand drawn ayun star

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Collect em all!

Look! It’s Malibu Stacy with a new hat!
I mean, it’s
NO TOUCH MONKEY! And Other Travel Lessons Learned Too Late

in a brand spanking new 2015 edition

with a new cover and a new introduction about what it was like to be a low budget backpacker in the predigital age…Get you some today!

No Touch Monkey 2nd ed

And while we’re at it, I couldn’t help noticing that the new edition’s Amazon page is a virgin forest of customer reviews. Get there before the disgruntled ONE-STARistas do.

Free Entertainment compliments of Greg Kotis


Hey New York! I’m playing Nina in a FREE reading of Lunchtime, Greg Kotis’ hilarious play set during the Deli Wars. No reservations required. Bring your coworkers.

Thursday, March 19th at 2:00PM

THE PIT – mainstage
123 E 24th St
(b/t Park and Lex)

LUNCHTIME – a reading of a new play by Greg Kotis. Set in the shadows of the Deli Wars, Lunchtime follows a dirty cop on the trail of a philandering businessman’s latest obsession. Featuring Micah Sherman, Mark Beltzman, Nick Vatterott,Chet Siegel and some old bat named Ayun Halliday

Cavemen. Serious grossness involving salad dressing. No bad words.

Calling All Teenage NYC Lady Pirates in Need of Improv Classes

If you’re a girl between the ages of 13 and 18, I invite you to register! (Only two spots remain)

Anne Bonny: Improv for Teen Girls 

Instructor: Ayun Halliday

6 Saturdays from 2-4

Jan 24, 31

Feb 7, 21, 28, 

March 7

(no class February 14)


$120 for the session (payable (as friends and family) by paypal to ayun@ayunhalliday.com or with a check by the first session)

 39 Ainslie Street

Williamsburg, Brooklyn



We’ll become conversant in the philosophy and structure of long form improv, play games with abandon, commit to highly physical performance, and spend time brainstorming specifics that expand our choices onstage.

Improv is excellent training for actors, comedians, teachers, and anyone who interacts with the public. Don’t fret that you’re not funny enough. This isn’t about schtick and one-liners. It’s about life, and truthful observations thereof. The truth is funny enough!

This girls-only environment ensures that we’ll have all the space and stage time we need to grow, become confident, and gleefully leap outside our comfort zones.

The name of this class is Anne Bonny, after a fearless lady pirate who talked her way out of a hanging by improvising an imaginary pregnancy.

Just to keep things interesting each class will have a theme. The theme of this Saturday’s class is food.

Please contact ayun.halliday(AT)gmail.com with questions, or to reserve a spot. This class is open to both homeschoolers and students who attend school. (Please note that that email address is different from the one on the receiving end of paypal.)

Yes, and…

Ayun Halliday studied improv with the legendary Del Close, as one of the No Fun Mud Piranhas, Northwestern University’s first Harold team. Improv informed her work with the NeoFuturists, and remains one of the funnest, scariest thing she knows. Lately she’s been working with a brand new improv group whose name was such a stupid inside joke, they have to change it before they can permit themselves to reappear in public. Ayun spent six years working with teenagers as the Domain Director of Beam Camp, and as the director of Yeast Nation and The Mermaid’s Legs. She lives in Brooklyn, where she shares a single closet with her playwright / improviser husband, Greg Kotis, and their two teenage children. 


Learn some history! My Crazy Bet comic is part of Protest Week on Narratively

angry belle detail

Click the peevish belle above to be taken to the comic in all its glory glory hallelujah!

The Mermaid’s Legs

Wondering why the new East Village Inky is so delayed?

I gotcher answer right here! I’ve been working with 10 homeschooled teens, including Milo on a deep dish theatrical experiment, opening in just a couple of weeks. Won’t you please join us at:

The Mermaid’s Legs

October 23-25 at 6:30pm, October 26 at 3pm

The Tank, 151 W. 46th St, 8th floor, NYC

$15 / $12 student Tickets on sale now!


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Say, isn’t that Milo in the publicity photo? Why yes. Yes it is. The short film below explains how he got in such a predicament.


Zine Mob in the New York Times

Ayun Halliday

Zine mob on the F train

Well, lookie here: Colin Moynihan’s  lovely New York Times recap of the recent Zine Mob on the F Train.