East Village Inky No. 61 drops December 23!

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New Comic: The Queen of the Apes at New York Comic Con

Women in Comics
Click here to read my latest comic for Book and Film Globe… in which a mild-mannered, middle-aged monkey woman is goaded into revealing her secret identity in the final panel of the New York Comic Con! #nycc

The Bushwick Book Club: Good Talk

Ye gods, the hunter has become the hunted!

Mira Jacob Good Talk









I got tapped to write a song about Mira Jacob’s new graphic memoir, Good Talk, and perform it as part of the always amazing Bushwick Book Club, Sunday, September 22  at 7pm at Barbés in Brooklyn. I’m gonna need you to buy me a drink after.

Author Mira Jacob will be in attendance and giving a reading in addition to all the original songs by 13 local songwriters, choreographers, artists and chefs in response to her candid tale of growing up in one of the few East Indian families in 70’s/80’s New Mexico and raising a child in an interracial family in the years leading up to the Trump presidency.

More intel here.

Necromancers of the Public Domain: The Art of Aubrey Beardsley

I’ll be rolling out my patented hostess schtick October 7 for the next installment of my monthly series, Necromancers of the Public Domain wherein an aged book from the New York Society Library is given new life as a 1-Night-Only NYC variety show.

This month’s title, The Art of Aubrey Beardsley is especially dear to me as the artist was a great favorite of my late father’s, who owned a similar volume he didn’t hide nearly well enough.

Mark you calendar becauseTickets are on sale NOW! Early bird discount code through October 3: SALOME

naughty art noveau

Easton Book Festival

Ayun Halliday author of No Touch Monkey

No Touch Monkey and I are excited to be traveling to Easton, Pennsylvania to participate in the inaugural Easton Book Festival October 26 and 27.

You bet I’ll have copies of East Village Inky #60 on hand to accompany the zine reading / slide show I’ll be giving on Sunday, after which I’ll be slipping on a full body monster costume to help out my friends in Big Nazo. Uh…they know I’m claustrophobic, right?

It’s all in the service of literature, folks.

NECROMANCERS OF THE PUBLIC DOMAIN: Women as World Builders 9/9/2019


Join me for the next installment of our monthly, book-based variety show,


Monday September 9 at 8pm at The Tank, NYC.
More info!


Ayun Halliday appearances

East Village Inky #60 is LIVE!

zines 2019


OH YEAH! It’s almost here! After a gestation longer than an elephant’s, get the Chief Primatologists POV as she rolls up to Wholesale Copies to retrieve the first batch of the new ish, East Village Inky #60!

Starring hero printer, Jim G of Wholesale Copies. He’s been printing the zine since Issue 2, always with the same winning smile, no matter what sort of crazy margins I saddle him with.

Get it!

Previously on Game of Thrones…

Game of Thrones dead characters

Now their watch has ended…

LOOK! Book & Film Globe published my comic about Game of Thrones in the days leading up to Season 8’s premiere! Got to name check 30something, Hill Street Blues, Upstairs Downstairs and Sesame Street. Also draw Jon & Daenerys (whose name I fckn misspelled) nekkid!


The Queen of the Apes announces the title of the next aged book Theater of the Apes shall resurrect as NECROMANCERS OF THE PUBLIC DOMAIN, a 1-night-only New York City variety show:

CHILDHOOD by Alice Meynell (1913)

Extend your Mother’s Day celebration by celebrating the work of a long dead female author and mother of 7! Advance tickets on sale now.

Childhood by Alice Meynell