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Inspiration from Charles Bukowski: You Might Be Old, Your Life May Be “Crappy,” But You Can Still Make Good Art (4/28/2017)

Patti Smith on Virginia Woolf’s Cane, Charles Dickens’ Pen & Other Cherished Literary Talismans (4/1/2016)

300 Kate Bush Impersonators Pay Tribute to Kate Bush’s Iconic Wuthering Heights Video (11/27/2015)

David Bowie Paper Dolls Recreate Some of the Style Icon’s Most Famous Looks (6/1/2015)

The Contributions of Women Philosophers Recovered by the New Project Vox Website (4/14/2015)

Rare Interview: Tim Curry Discusses The Rocky Horror Picture Show During the Week of Its Release (1975) (2/9/2015)


Other work (ongoing)

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That Time I Almost Had to Saw My Kitty’s Mitts Off (3/2016)

A Mother And Daughter on How Epilepsy Made Us Stronger (10/2015)

Crazy Miss Elizabeth Takes Down the Confederacy (1/2015)


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Fireworks for a New Family (7/3/2014)

The Gift     (12/23/2013)

People We Love: Muffy Bolding

Other work (ongoing)


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Bras, Pigeons and Patriotism: How Maidenform’s Unmentionables Became Patriotic (7/1/2015)


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Homeschooling, Comic Con Style (10/16/2012)

How to Pack a Camp Care Package (7/10/2012)


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I wrote and illustrated BUST Magazine’s “Mother Superior ” column from 2001-2013.

Having a Son Makes This Mom Reconsider Masculinity (10/2013)

Dad’s Move Keeps Me From Starring on Hoarders    (1/2013)


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I write the monthly Labor of Love column for Tokyo’s Mainichi Weekly

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ILLUSTRATOR?! Why yes! I do that too, for my own stories as well as others.


Here I am on Thumbtack, whatever that is…
Ayun Halliday, Author, Illustrator, Performer, Traveler, Hoos-Yorker


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