A banquet of random oddities, served with pleasure:

photobooth strip ayun and inky circa 1997

My closely guarded NYC favorites NYC can be yours for less than the cost of a NYC movie ticket – coincidentally, the exact same price as the Zinester’s Guide to NYC.

My favorite books, movies, musicians and tv shows are even more closely guarded secrets, known only to me and my Facebook friends.

The stuff here is more an assorted sampling of the random trash you’d find were my heart an old purse ripped from my chest and upended over the carpet. Click drunk for best results!

A Trip to the Sun

Austin Motel

Ayun Ayun Gobyok Campusari Mekar Asri Sragen

Beam Camp



Brain Pickings

Broke Ass Stuart

Bushwick Book Club


Changes by Lewes New School



Dave Awl


Drunk History

Earth Matter: The Art & Science of Composting

East Village Radio

E Lockhart


E. V. Grieve

Forgotten New York

Freakies Cereal

Greg Kotis


Humans of New York

I’m a Scavenger (Ayun’s Sketchbook Project 2011)

Immigrating to the Promised Land

India Kotis

The Jelly Song

Joey Ramone: “New York City”

Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library

LaGuardia Class of 2015 Sleeping in Class

Llama Font

Lonesome No More! The Kurt Vonnegut Slapstick Middle Name Generator

The Mermaid’s Legs


Moe Bowstern

Monk-e Mail


Muffy Bolding

Naked Towel Dance


Nonsense New York

NY 77: The Coolest Year in Hell

Order you up some discounted carryout food so that I may continue to eat too…

Our Goods

Plan-It X Records

The Poop Tube

The Rauch Brothers’ Story Corps Animations

The Republic of Zaqistan

Revengeful Tiger Ballet

The Sandpit


The Secret City

The Skint

Strindberg & Helium

Sophie Blackall’s Missed Connections

Tiger Ballet

Time’s Up

Theater Oobleck

This American Life

Tony Millionaire

True Life Tales

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Vinnie the Tampon Case King

We Like the Moon

We Make Zines


Written? Kitten!

Zine World

Zoobie Doobie