laundry day

Somewhere in Southern Europe: Locked out of the hostel at lunchtime with everything in the laundry but my blue gauze skirt, a frequent stunt-double for a towel.

King Kong

Munich: Geisterschluch

Amsterdam: Would you risk the integrity of your earlobes and possibly, your life, for this crummy shot?

Tanzania 1988
Tanzania: I wore this fetching German hat almost as much as my seatmate wore her Jambo t-shirt.
Rwandan children
Rwanda: The welcoming committee
Kenya: One of our last days on the truck. Can you see Arnold and Deborah hating us from within?
Malaysian monkey
Tiomann Island, Malaysia: Nothing bad happened in this picture, unless you count the crime against personal fashion.
Ayun and her mom
Villandry en route to Paris: Speaking of fashion crimes, would you let these women view your Spring Collection, even if one did have a valid press pass?
Dislocated knee
Bukittinggi, Sumatra: Yeah, I know it’s out of focus, but how many photos do you pose for when your dislocated knee is the size of a grapefruit? 

Monk in orange
Wat Khow Krailat, Thailand: Kosiya
Sign in front of construction
The Beach near Wat Khow Krailat: What construction worker wouldn’t love for their family’s corrugated metal dorm to be almost in the shade of the sign featuring the luxury oceanfront condos they’re working so hard to build?
Greg with toy
Vietnam: It broke my heart the day the arms rotted off the pneumatic plastic drummer monkey Greg bought for a few dong. His drumsticks were nails and he really drummed.
tan dog, white monkeys
Pushkar, India: Doggiepants and his oppressors, viewed from our rooftop digs atop the Brahmaputra guesthouse.
Kotis of Arabia
Jaisalmer, India: Oh excuse me,
Mr. Lawrence of Arabia.
Aspen 1995
U.S. Comedy Arts Festival, Aspen, Colorado: Diana and I flashing our artist passes in hopes that someone will shoot us some more swag.
Cafe in Romania
Sibiu, Romania: Look how foxy we were before we starting having those babies…Look at the sideburns!
Ayun, Inky and Greg reading map
Glasgow, Scotland: Yeah, wish I had a big woman to haul me around the cobble-stoned streets. Please note that this photo was taken in JULY.

A few signs lest you lose your way

Forest sign
Ubud, Bali
Poker Dogs
Nong Khai, Thailand
Udaipur, India
Not To Bring Thai Ladies
Bangkok, Thailand
Thai toilet sign
Hua Hin, Thailandmonkeysign3

and here is a very fine reader submission from Krabi, Thailand, courtesy of Jameson Kowalczyk, whom fate favored w/ a complimentary copy of No Touch Monkey at the Airport Resort in Nai Yang.