A raucous mid-life meditation on the comedy of existence, the hell of long term relationships and the play where “nothing happens twice…”

DIDI: Maybe it would be better if we parted.

GOGO: Maybe so.

DIDI: Any messages?

(GOGO checks her phone)

GOGO: Nyet.

DIDI: Poo.

100 % Bechdel Test* Approved!

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Read the equivalent of a marital cage match on TDF Stages, as the Queen of the Apes and the Silverback prepared for Theater of the Apes’ residency at The Brick.

Zamboni Godot premiered at the Brick Theater in Brooklyn in March 2017 in a production directed by Ayun Halliday, and produced by Theater of the Apes

Original cast:  Marjorie Duffield,  Chris Lindsay-Abaire, Johanna Cox, Tiina Dorhmann, Laura Hart, Angie Pflanz, Kate Ryan, Sandye Renz, and Stephanie Summerville

Set Design: Marc Aubin, Lighting Design: Morgan Zipf-Meister, Costume Design: House of Ape


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