37 Reasons to Kick in on the Creative, Not Famous Kickstarter!

I know some of you nice people already pre-ordered my forthcoming book, Creative, Not Famous: The Small Potato Manifesto, but for those of you what didn’t, you can be one of the first to get your mitts on a digital or tangible copy by kicking in the same amount as you’d wind up spending in a bookstore to our Small Potato Kickstarter campaign.

Bonus: click the link for sneak peeks at the contents, including anthropotato portraits of a few of our illustrious contributors (who, duh, are all getting a contributors’ copy on the house: Bob Laine, Lorijo Manley, Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz, and Moe Bowstern!

Plus a hastily shot video of me vamping it up with whatever props are on hand. You know you wanna click it.

In addition to the above named contributors, and a few who chose to remain tantalizingly anonymous, the book contains the wit, wisdom and anecdotal evidence of both highs and lows from
Drew Ackerman (Sleep With Me Podcast)
Rob Ackerman
Nick Balaban
Todd Alcott
Emmy Bean
Ellia Bisker
Rachel Kramer Bussel
Sabrina Chap
Karen Christopher
Delaine Derry Green
Meghan Finn
Connie Fu
Greg Kotis
Shelton Pritchard Lindsay
Winter Miller
Mimi Pond
Heather Riordan
Akin Salawu
Christine Schisano
Trav SD
R. Sikoryak
Ben Snakepit
Stephanie Summerville
Steven Svymbersky
Edward Thomas-Herrera
Anthony Wills Jr
& J.t. Yost

One hell of an impressive roster if you ask me! I bet if you totted em all up, you’d be looking at over a thousand years worth of advice, observations, field reports, and battle scars.

So pull on your boots and get kicking.

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