East Village Inky at the Jersey Art Book Fair 1/28

HEY NEW JERSEY!!! I’m coming for you tomorrow. See you from 11 to 5-ish at the Jersey Art Book Fair at Mana Contemporary, 888 Newark Ave in Jersey City

I’ll be with Ed Kemp, who kindly invited me to elbow my way onto The Word Distribution‘s table with a bunch of hastily reprinted zines & both Creative, Not Famous books, original flavor and extra crispy.

Super last minute but I’M INTO IT!!! (don’t look for me Sunday. I can’t skip bellydancing 2 days in a row…)


An exuberant, hilarious, interactive guide! Bypass bullsh*t influencer culture and anxiety inducing branding advice to realize a deeper relationship with your own uniquely weird and wonderful creativity.

A worthy companion to Creative, Not Famous: The Small Potato Manifesto


Pick a book! Any book! FREE SHIPPING!

It’s getting a bit scrambly out there holiday shoppers, but the Mailroom Böyz and I are here to HELP!

In addition to East Village Inky subscriptions, we are autographing back stock like a melonfarmer with 2 growing kittens underfoot.

Choose any one of these titles for $15 and we will ship it same day with our compliments via media mail:

Creative, Not Famous: The Small Potato Manifesto – my most recent and therefore favorite baby. Buy it on Etsy and they’re gonna put the bite on you for shipping. Buy it using the method below and everybody’s happy except Etsy.

Peanut – a YA graphic novel by me and Paul Hoppe about a girl who fakes a peanut allergy in an attempt to seem like a woman of mystery at her new school.

Job Hopper – my 3rd self-mocking autobiography…all the crappy jobs I had before finding fame and fortune as the Queen of the Small Potatoes

Always Lots of Heinies at the Zoo – a picture book by me and Dan Santat, containing what is arguably the greatest line I have ever written. extremely limited quantities

No Touch Monkey! And Other Travel Lessons Learned Too Late – don’t believe the Amazon customer reviews!!! In fact, isn’t it time you write a 5 star review yourself? (Who cares that their star rating only goes up to 4…)

Neo Solo – a bunch of Neo-Futurist monologues by me, Greg, and a bunch of pals whose names you’ve probably seen in the East Village Inky over the years. extremely limited quantities.

Want more than one? Make like Schoolhouse Rock and multiply. I know they didn’t go up to 15, but that’s why Texas invented Instruments. However many you want, it’s free shipping to any address in the US via via media mail.

Where’s the link? No link. Do the math then Venmo me or  Paypal me (select the friends and family tab, please)

Don’t forget to tell me what title(s) you want and give me the address. Let me know if it’s a gift and I will let the baffled recipient know that this package is arriving with YOUR COMPLIMENTS. I’m also happy to tuck in a personalized greeting if you tell me what to say…

If you care about it arriving in time for Crimbus, USPS is banking on December 15 as the last day for Media Mail orders to arrive by the 25. In my experience, Media Mail travels a bit quicker than that, but I don’t blame them for covering their heiner, the way I’m covering yours. This deal is running through the end of 2022, so you can blow that $15 bill grandma just gave you.

Who needs elves when you’ve got mailroom boys?

This year’s holiday gift subscription notification is the best yet. Stuff their stockings with the gift that keeps on giving…a 4 issue subscription to The East Village Inky...

All holiday gift subscriptions will include an extra-heavily rubber stamped envelope and a jolly black and white notification featuring our 4 month old Mailroom Boys, hastily but lovingly customized with marker as to your specifications. They are also happy to practice their penmanship by scrawling whatever personal message you dictate.

Welcome, babies!

Ex-Circulation Manager Jambo and Former Intern Mungo are “pleased” to announce (from beyond the grave) that two 3 month-old brothers have joined the staff of the East Village Inky mailroom.

Names TBD. They are endeavoring to prove themselves worthy of their inclusion in the pantheon of zinecats.

Kurt Vonnegut Collaborative Fanzine – Contribute from Afar

Can’t make my free in person Kurt Vonnegut Centennial Collaborative Fanzine workshops in NYC 11/11 or Indianapolis 11/19? Poo! We’ll miss you. But in acknowledgment of the fact that geography is real, we invite you to collaborate from afar. See below for details and deadline.

GUILT FREE FREE SHIPPING! No blue and white bubble mailers!

Support INDIE BOOKSELLERS & get FREE SHIPPING today & tomorrow, October 11 & 12 at Bookshop.org.

I recommend starting w/ CREATIVE, NOT FAMOUS, after which go nuts! Pre-order the CREATIVE, NOT FAMOUS ACTIVITY BOOK! Get in the holiday spirit w/ some Dracula or Dickens. I’ve also got a big ayuss list of CREATIVE, NOT FAMOUS’ contributors’ titles. Ho ho ho.

HERE’s the link.

A peek at Greg Kotis’ new post-apocalyptic banjo musical

Gitcher heiner to New Hampshire this weekend for 3 concert readings of Greg Kotis‘ new post-apocalyptic banjo musical at the Player’s Ring in Portsmouth.

It’s a patriarchy smashing, environmentally sobering, hootin’ and hollerin’ good time!

If you’re curious to hear what it sounds like when you overcome some long held (decades!) educational trauma to reclaim your singing voice, I will be MORE than happy to bawl it out for you live onstage. You don’t even have to buy me a beer.

More intel here.

Small Potato Podcast alert!

CREATIVE, NOT FAMOUS: The Small Potato Manifesto putting the more in “and More!” on this week’s Book and Film Globe Podcast! Give it a listen then go make something small, weird and satisfying.

“This is 57” Ayun Halliday’s Oldster Magazine Interview

Ayun Halliday, age 5, posing before her family's front door in her pale green St. Richards School uniform, white socks, red English sandals, and teeny tiny glasses.

I marshaled my tattered brain cells and responded to Sari Botton’s thought provoking Oldster Magazine questionnaire som 52 years after this photo was taken.

What has aging given you? Taken away from you?

Get to know Oldster with a free or paid subscription! It’s a great read at any age.