East Village Inky at the Jersey Art Book Fair 1/28

HEY NEW JERSEY!!! I’m coming for you tomorrow. See you from 11 to 5-ish at the Jersey Art Book Fair at Mana Contemporary, 888 Newark Ave in Jersey City

I’ll be with Ed Kemp, who kindly invited me to elbow my way onto The Word Distribution‘s table with a bunch of hastily reprinted zines & both Creative, Not Famous books, original flavor and extra crispy.

Super last minute but I’M INTO IT!!! (don’t look for me Sunday. I can’t skip bellydancing 2 days in a row…)

Kurt Vonnegut Fanzine Workshop – NYC 11/11

Celebrate Kurt Vonnegut’s Centennial on his 100th birthday by creating a collaborative fanzine with me at my secret writing hole, The New York Society Library

Materials will be provided. All participants will receive a free printable download of our collaborative fanzine after the event. Come prepared to wing it, or bring a favorite Vonnegut quote, anecdote or printed out image to use in your contribution.

Drop in throughout the day, and be prepared to observe a minute of silence at the 11th minute of the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.

Friday November 11
11:00 AM – 5:00 PM (minute of silence at 11:11)
The New York Society Library

FREE and open to the public! Reserve your spot here.

What’s a zine? Oh Lordy! Don’t tell me you’ve never heard of the East Village Inky...

Kurt Vonnegut Fanzine Workshop – Indianapolis 11/19

Explore the magic of zines with me in person in Indianapolis on November 19 for the Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library’s monthly Social Justice Writing Club .  Be prepared to get hands on, as we create a collaborative zine dedicated to honoring Kurt Vonnegut’s centennial. You’ll also learn a bit more about the history of zines and how they can be used as a creative tool for change. 

Materials will be provided. All participants will receive a free printable download of our collaborative fanzine after the event. Come prepared to wing it, or bring a favorite Vonnegut quote, anecdote or printed out image to use in your contribution.

Saturday November 19
10:00 AM – 12:00
Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library
543 Indiana Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46202

FREE! Reserve your spot here.

What’s a zine? Oh Lordy! Don’t tell me you’ve never heard of the East Village Inky...

Kurt Vonnegut Collaborative Fanzine – Contribute from Afar

Can’t make my free in person Kurt Vonnegut Centennial Collaborative Fanzine workshops in NYC 11/11 or Indianapolis 11/19? Poo! We’ll miss you. But in acknowledgment of the fact that geography is real, we invite you to collaborate from afar. See below for details and deadline.



East Village Inky at Midwest Perzine Fest!


HEY CHICAGO! I’m psyched to be repping the The East Village Inky at the Midwest Perzine Fest Saturday, Oct 8th at Columbia College’s Conaway Center, 1104 S Wabash Avenue, from 10 am to 4 pm.

More intel here.
What a line up! You’re gonna come see us, right?


A peek at Greg Kotis’ new post-apocalyptic banjo musical

Gitcher heiner to New Hampshire this weekend for 3 concert readings of Greg Kotis‘ new post-apocalyptic banjo musical at the Player’s Ring in Portsmouth.

It’s a patriarchy smashing, environmentally sobering, hootin’ and hollerin’ good time!

If you’re curious to hear what it sounds like when you overcome some long held (decades!) educational trauma to reclaim your singing voice, I will be MORE than happy to bawl it out for you live onstage. You don’t even have to buy me a beer.

More intel here.

Zinester Queen of the Small Potatoes discusses the Creative Life on NextTribe

If you missed my CREATIVE, NOT FAMOUS chat with NextTribe, here ’tis, enriched with an over the shoulder peek at the Silverback’s childhood home, a couple of standard issue pandemic mute/unmute glitches, and special appearances by contributors Ellia Bisker and J. Gonzalez-Blitz!

If you’ve got dishes to wash, laundry to fold, orders to ship out, 1000s of beads to stitch onto your new burlesque costume or other assorted busywork, this will help the time fly by!

Thanks to host Jeannie Edmunds and the Next Tribe community for having me.

Thursday 6/9 – FREE Creative, Not Famous virtual event

author photo of Ayun Halliday, a smiling middle aged woman with brown hair, a beat up motorcycle jacket, and a fuzzy cat hat. Book cover of CREATIVE, NOT FAMOUS: The Small Potato Manifesto - a crest bearing the book's title flanked by cartoon, anthropomorphic potatoes wielding a guitar and a paintbrush, respectively.
Come out and play!

I’m toddling onto Next Tribe for free, virtual, interactive CREATIVE, NOT FAMOUS event tomorrow evening (or depending on your coordinates, afternoon, night, morning…)

Join me, if’n you’re not too Zoomed out. Make me feel like I’m the host of All Things Considered by putting me on in the background.

Better yet, roll up with questions, news of your own creative projects, cats, cocktails, mocktails… all the things! I’d love to see you, or, for the camera-averse, hear you.

Grab a spot and gitcher Zoom link here.Wahooooo!

Extra punishment for those who read all the way to the end: If you’re looking for ways to procrastinate (and dug the book) I’d be much obliged if you’d post a customer review to the site of your choice – your fave indie bookseller, your blog, AmazonGood ReadsBarnes & NobleLibrary Thing … for purposes of getting the word out, they’re all good.

(A massive thank you to those who’ve already shrugged into this voluntary harness!)

xxx Ayun Halliday

SPM Next Tribe Ayun Instagram.jpeg

Let’s make a collaborative Charming Disaster zine Friday Sept 17!


The Chief Primatologist of The East Village Inky is DELIGHTED to be joining Charming Disaster, one of her favorite bands, for their weekly Quarantine Livestream, Friday September 17 at EST.

We’re gonna spice things up with a live collaborative project as we listen- illustrating Heart of Brass from their Spells + Rituals album. Grab a phrase and come prepared with a black pen and a piece of standard white printer paper, folded in half, portrait style (or the digital equivalent thereof), and for those who favor collage, a glue stick or rubber cement. FUN!

The lyrics are here, but I’ll paste em below, too.

If you’re worried about your artistic abilities, fret not. Whatever you make will be wonderful.

If you’re STILL worried about your artistic abilities, I took the liberty of snagging some images from the public domain of some of the jolly items namechecked by the song: a dirigible, a diving bell, laudanum… that sort of thing. Access them here!

Print em out and be ready to embellish them during our time together – collage, drawing, handwritten words…it’s all good!

Or go hunting in the public domain for images that speak to you.

After the livestream, be sure to email your creation to me and/or Charming Disaster as a jpeg or PNG file.

What will it become? A zine? A music video? A major sensation? Play along and see!

#charmingdisaster #zine

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Heart of Brass from SPELLS + RITUALS by Charming Disaster
© all rights reserved

In the dirigible’s gondola, the clouds fog up your monocle
You wipe it with a handkerchief embroidered with a monogram
Looking for lost continents, you’d better check your pocket watch
We won’t be home for luncheon but they’ll keep the platters warm

Not as pure as gold (a captive of the scientist)
Not as sharp as glass (he practiced his/her experiments)
Not as strong as stone (flesh and blood will never last)
My baby’s got a heart of brass

Underneath the diving bell, return to the submersible
Before the lonely nautilus can wrap you in its tentacles
Moistening your handkerchief to polish your discoveries
The needle of the compass doesn’t point to any north


Quince paste laced with laudanum will get you through the tedium
Of waiting to be rescued from inside the sanitarium
The esoteric brotherhood suspect you’re up to nothing good
The ampule in your handkerchief will put them all to sleep

We’re all some kind of machine
We’re only cogwheels, pistons and steam
All of us powered by water and heat
It makes our tick-tock hearts beat beat beat beat
Beat beat beat beat beat beat beat beat

The automaton forever sits, its hand upon the writing desk
Gently grips a fountain pen that circumscribes an arabesque
Deciphering the messages encrypted by the alchemist
A handkerchief will wipe away the secrets that it keeps


Floating down the Amazon, we wonder if we’ve gone too far and
Plunge into the whirlpool at the basin of the waterfall
Scribbling this chronicle, the fog clouds up your monocle
A handkerchief can stopper up our message in a bottle
We have left it gently bobbing on the surface of the water
As we sail around the spiral into mystery or miracle
Cry into your scry glass, inquire of your oracle
Squint into your spyglass, you can see us wave farewell