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I’ve got this theory that 99.9% of all humans who toil creatively throughout history have not been and will never be rich as a result of their art. Nor will we be famous…at least not as famous as we deserve. Yet, we struggle on, undeterred that most of the world, if they consider us at all, think we’re SMALL POTATOES.

Go to a museum or a used bookstore. Read the “at this theater” section of your Playbill. History decrees that a lot of big bananas will eventually be downgraded to small potatoes, too. OUR RANKS ARE SWELLING!

I interviewed dozens of creative humans and share my own experiences in this rallying cry for the “small potato” who persists in making cool, meaningful work and living a creative life devoid of (gasp!) wealth or celebrity.

The Wonder and the Horror of a Life in the Arts!

Triumphs and Busts!

Tours and Tabling!

Community Spirit!

Bad Behavior!

Adventures in Self Promotion!

Conflicting Advice, All of It SOLID!

AN ACTUAL MANIFESTO Lest We Forget Why We’re Doing This in the First Place!

288 pages of Small Potato encouragement, commiseration, anecdotes, hacks and philosophy.

& enough illustrations to make you think, HEY, THIS WOULD MAKE A GIFT FOR ALL MY CREATIVE FRIENDS!

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Full of wisdom, practical advice, anti-capitalist ethos and joy that will inspire any artist to get cracking and stay excited about their work. – Nicole J Georges, Calling Dr Laura, Relative Fiction 

Ayun Halliday’s writing had buoyed my small-potato spirit since her genius genre-bending “Neonatal Sweet Potato” first appeared in my zine P.O. Box in the ‘90s—was it puppet show script? Was it a NICU vigil? Did it matter? Her ability to transmute love and anxiety into creative inspiration felt like something akin to magic. Now she’s collected all her best hard-won knowledge and advice plus a whole bunch of other artists’ and writers’ best hard-won knowledge and advice and we all win! This book is the antidote to both imposter syndrome and the bullshit of every gatekeeper you’ve ever met. Every writer and artist—aspiring, emerging, or old and bitter—must read it. – Ariel Gore, Hip Mama & Ariel’s Gore’s School for Wayward Writers

What a great project, full of great insights from artists I love! – Jeffrey Lewis, Indie-rock folk-punk musician and comic book artist

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