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Zinester's Guide to NYC: The Last Wholly Analog Guide to NYC

If I could still walk the streets of New York among my People, I would use this truly funny and truly affordable guide book. It kicks ass. – Stephen Colbert

Following on the heels of its best selling, DIY city guide The Zinester’s Guide to Portland, Microcosm Publishing is proud to announce the publication of The Zinester’s Guide to New York City – quite possibly the last wholly analog specimen of its kind. The ZG2NYC is an anecdotal, illustrated, low budget, highly participatory guidebook that’ll run you less than a movie ticket below 14th Street. From Japanese breakfasts, art supplies, used books, and wisteria (free for the eating in Central Park) to punk rope, volunteer opportunities, storefront museums and subway musicians, the Zinester’s Guide to NYC has it all. To hell with apps! It’d be a shame to bust your nose open on a NYC streetlamp, eyes glued to your iPhone. Over fifty New York-based zine and indie comics publishers contributed listings and illustrations to supplement the recommendations of the Primary Contributor, Chief Primatologist of The East Village Inky zine and author of No Touch Monkey! And Other Travel Lessons Learned Too Late. Why watch the parade when you can march in it? The Zinester’s Guide to NYC wholeheartedly encourages its readers to guest bartend, play bike polo in Sara Roosevelt Park, create public parks in metered parking spaces, and submit the 5-minute movies they shoot on the boardwalk to next year’s Coney Island Film Festival. Pocket-sized and user friendly, the Zinester’s Guide to NYC is an indispensable resource for both first-time visitors and New Yorkers of longstanding, a personal history, and a window through which armchair travelers can experience this town.

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Available everywhere fine books are sold! If they don’t have it, kick ’em in the heinie, and tell ’em to stock up! Distributed by Ingram, Baker&Taylor, AK Press, & Microcosm Publishing. NYC bookstores ordering from Microcosm may request delivery by author-cycle. Or, get an autographed copy! star graphic

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The Zinester’s Guide to NYC

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ZG2NYC Virtual Book Tour!

Did geography prevent you from attending  one of the ZG2NYC’s many fab events? You’re in luck, because it’s never too late to play along at home! In December of 2010, the primary contributor put out some feelers, then chopped herself  into a million little particles and launched them  into cyberspace for your permanently linked reading pleasure! See you there!

December 1: Mira’s List

December 2: She Goes

December 3: Beatrice

December 6: Vagabonding

December 7: Dirty Secret

December 8: The Daily Slice

December 9: HipMama

December 10: Etsy

December 13: Matador ANDBrain Pickings

December 14: The Tranquilo Traveler

December 15: ChiL Mama

December 16: Jon Yang

December 17: Fuse #8

BONUS: ZG2NYC in Qatar! and Italy! It’s wild!

Furthermore, it’s been the Primary Contributor to the ZG2NYC’s singular pleasure to be  escort Etsy readers on a whirlwind armchair tour of 5 Essential Cites with the express purpose of winding back here in NYC, guidebook in hand!

Monday: Paris

Tuesday: Bangkok

Wednesday: Nairobi

Thursday: Tokyo

Friday: NYC!

Want the Zinester’s Guide to NYC to spend a night on your blog’s cyber couch? Give me a holler at ayun (at) to start the wheel’s a turning. We’d be much obliged if you’d show our ZG2NYC Virtual Book Tour tour hosts by leaving them a comment on post day. star graphic On 11/11, Kurt Vonnegut’s Birthday and the Day which Most Closely Resembles Corduroy, members of the Bushwick Book Club assembled at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe to celebrate the Zinester’s Guide to NYC with original songs inspired by the listing. We are forever indebted to these artists: Laura Brenneman Dan Costello and Rachel Devlin Susan Hwang Yoko Kikuchi and Kate Wheeler Phoebe Kreutz Anna Leuchtenberger Pearl Rhein & Sweet Soubrette Zinester's Guide to NYC contents