East Village Inky 64, zine cover featuring a photo booth strip, cartoons of the authors increasingly giant children, and some hints as to the wonders contained within this mail-themed special issue: Japanese penpals! vintage stamps! mail art! And much much more!
Ayun Halliday zine

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East Village Inky #64
An all-MAIL celebration

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Featuring interviews with 37 towering veteran potatoes in the arts!

The Small Potato Manifesto:
Creativity on Your Own Terms

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Greg Kotis Ayun Halliday theater company

In the late aughts, I started spending time on the wicked stage again, having dusted off the theater company the mister and I founded in 1999 for the original Off-Off-Broadway run of Urinetown.

In the interest of ending a pandemic, Theater of the Apes is laying low for now, but you can watch the virtual variety show we pulled together mid- 2021 to celebrate the arrival of Brood X.

WATCH our Free Cicada Themed Virtual Variety Show

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In the spring of 2020, I made a series of FREE-to-download posters promoting the sex appeal and public health benefits of masks and other face coverings. STILL RELEVANT! If you want to print em out and hang em up in spots where the unmasked and improperly masked might get the message, holler and I will send you a folder for free download.

What’s this? Comics? Sure! There where it’s at, & they might be where I’m headed if it remains unsafe for Off-Off-Broadway to stagger back in any sort of fulsome way before I die!
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Ever After Happily Ever After, Book and Film Globe  © Ayun Halliday, 2020

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Here’s something good to emerge from self-isolation. It’s Madison Time. Hit it.

Hooray! A whole new decade!…oh, uh… Not even a global pandemic can stop my impulse to document life at the rate of 1 second a day… Tune in January 1 2022 to see what happened in 2021. Til then:

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Slowly but surely we’re getting some of good, good FREELANCE CONTENT up here for your reading (and hiring) pleasure. Click my head to peruse some clips.

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Ayun Halliday
Zine mob on the F train

Ayun Halliday