East Village Inky #55 is hot off the press!

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Format changes & increased print size are on the horizon for 56, but you’ll get what’s coming to you if you stick with me, kid!

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Slowly but surely we’re getting some of good, good FREELANCE CONTENT up here for your reading (and hiring) pleasure. Click my head to peruse some clips.

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Occupy yourself whilst waiting for the next East Village Inky to drop with Anne Bonny, Ayun’s Improv Workshop for Teenage Girls. New session starting in April. Click the lady pirates for more info. Anne Bonny: Improv for Teenage Girls with Ayun Halliday

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As to what’s continuing to make the East Village Inky so woefully behind schedule, I say we blame Crazy Bet. Click the mean belle to read the full comic. 

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Holler to the Peanut Gallery:  read Peanut, my debut graphic novel, illustrated by Paul Hoppe.  Order from Indie Bound, Amazon, Powell’s, or one of the other usual suspects. Ask your favorite indie bookstore to stock it if they don’t already. (Tell ’em that Publishers Weekly made us a pick of the week, along with Bram Stoker and Dick Wolf.)

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