As we contemplate all the good things lined up for 2018, let’s look back on the insanity of 2017. Happy New Year from the ENTIRE STAFF of the East Village Inky!

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Lately I’ve been occupied with the return of 


Greg Kotis Ayun Halliday theater company

Human See. Human Do.

Still recovering from the world premiere of my play, Zamboni Godot, at the Brick  and 

Next up: Necromancers of the Public Domain series at the Tank in February 2018 and THE NURSE, a solo show at the Tank in June 2018.


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Look! It’s Malibu Stacy with a new hat! I mean, it’s NO TOUCH MONKEY! And Other Travel Lessons Learned Too Late


in a brand spanking new edition


Featuring a new cover and a new introduction about what it was like to be a low budget backpacker in the predigital age…Get you some today!

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Slowly but surely we’re getting some of good, good FREELANCE CONTENT up here for your reading (and hiring) pleasure. Click my head to peruse some clips.


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Ayun Halliday

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Ayun Halliday