Uh-oh… AYUN HALLIDAY sings, and maybe even plays a bit of uke in


A new musical by Greg Kotis, directed by Meghan Finn

At The Tank NYC March 5-28. More information and tickets here

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Ayun Halliday zine
Ayun Halliday zine

East Village Inky #61

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Greg Kotis Ayun Halliday theater company

As you may have noticed, I’ve been spending time on the wicked stage again, having dusted off the theater company the mister and I founded in 1999 for the original Off-Off-Broadway run of Urinetown.

Every month we open the vortex so I can host Necromancers of the Public Domain, an ongoing series wherein we resurrect an aged book from the New York Society Library as a 1-night-only NYC variety show.

Next up:

More intel here! Tickets on sale now!

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I dream of taking a class with my Hero-Queen Lynda Barry… til then here’s Making Comics with Lynda Barry’s Making Comics, my latest comic for Book & Film Globe. Read the whole thing here!

Lynda Barry Making Comics
© Ayun Halliday, 2020, Book & Film Globe
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Hooray! A whole new decade!

And here’s a look back on the mayhem of 2017 and 2018, compliments of the ENTIRE STAFF of the East Village Inky!

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Slowly but surely we’re getting some of good, good FREELANCE CONTENT up here for your reading (and hiring) pleasure. Click my head to peruse some clips.

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Ayun Halliday
Zine mob on the F train

Ayun Halliday